ACA Commercial Services Ltd

ACA Commercial Services Ltd was formed in 2015 to provide commercial training, support & consultancy for companies engaged in manufacturing of precision engineering components for OEMs in international supply chains, including aerospace, gas turbine, specialty automotive, defence and oil & gas sectors.

I formed the company when I retired as Group Commercial Director at Doncasters Group, having previously held corporate roles at Triplex Lloyd plc.

My work includes mentoring, training and support for manufacturing businesses in international trade – general commercial management, sales contracts, contract awareness, UK/EU and US export controls, and commercial due diligence.

Tony Andrews – B.Sc (Hons); MBA with distinction.

For over 30 years, Tony Andrews has worked in the engineering supply sector; holding senior commercial roles in international corporations that manufacture components for exacting engineering applications worldwide.

After obtaining B.Sc (Hons) degree in civil engineering, Tony developed commercial expertise within the UK steel supply industry, mainly in automotive component sectors; and after achieving an MBA with distinction from Aston Business School, he progressed through corporate executive positions in manufacturing groups in investment casting, precision forging, fabrications and assemblies.

He has served in commercial corporate offices, supervising group businesses that manufacture components for aerospace engines, gas turbines for power generation, airframe parts, medical implants and turbochargers for automotive industries. He has negotiated international contracts for supply of schedule components in major engineering sectors across Europe, North America and Middle East. Customers have included Rolls-Royce, Siemens, Alstom, GE, Safran, Airbus and Honeywell.

Tony is a member of IACCM (International Association of Contract & Commercial Management) and regularly attends export controls events of UK ECO, EGADD and Institute of Export. He has presented as industry speaker at law and group seminars; and is also a mentor on MBA programme at a major business school.

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